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Losh is seeking unique and creative artists who are looking to collaborate with a producer on their basic arrangements. He will help you take a simple concept and turn it into a full production. You will work on every individual element together to ensure you end up with a finished product you both love. His heart and soul will go into every project and I promise you will be 100% satisfied with your end record.  


This process is where all the different elements of a song come together. Tracks are levelled, panned and processed into the stereo image, in order to find the specific sound that works with the artists' vision. The sounds are enhanced using EQ, compression and effects to make it competitive with what's being played in the industry, while maintaining or creating dynamics that allow the song to build.  


This is the last step of the mixing process where you glue the song together and balance the sonic elements to optimize playback across all systems and media formats.  


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